Plastic Waste Collection

We collect your plastic waste

For individuals and companies. Don’t let your recycling generate anything but positive attention. Make it great by join Plastikourgeio reward program.

Only about 1% of what we throw away actually gets recycled. What if we could recycle our plastic trash at home and 3D print it out into things we can use. Now we can, thanks to Dutch designer Dave Hakkens, whose Precious Plastic initiative makes use of new open-sourced machines to turn unwanted plastic into renewed goods.

Plastic waste and its management

is everybody's responsibility

We'll help your business by providing:

  • Understated, cost-effective recycling bins

  • Clear and attractive communications materials to show your colleagues how to use the scheme correctly

  • Comprehensive plastic recycling reports that demonstrate how your efforts to recycle more are paying off

  • Completely flexible collection schedules: on demand or up to 7 days-a-week

  • A friendly collection team who come into your office and remove your recycling directly, so you don’t have to think about collection times or lifting heavy sacks

  • Dedicated Account Managers who ensure your recycling scheme runs as it should

  • Online Member’s Area where you can download your business recycling figures at the touch of a button

  • Free colour-coded posters and stickers to help communicate your scheme to staff

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Have an idea or an upcoming event? Need advice on organising a festival? Are you planning on upgrading your business’ environmental footprint?

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